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This Participant-Driven PD Day has a wide variety of options for MURSD educators to explore new ideas, collaborate with colleagues and learn from one another.

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Friday, March 10

8:00am EST

8:15am EST

Session 1: Independent-SEI Endorsement Nipmuc 217Heather O'Donnell Keynote: Reducing Anxiety in the Classroom Nipmuc AuditoriumJessica Minahan, M.Ed, BCBA Session 1-2: 3rd Grade Go Math-CloughLIMITED CloughKami Ellis • Cathy Hack • Amy Naples • Esther Willinski Session 1-2: HS History Curriculum Collaboration/DDMLIMITED Nipmuc Room 339Andy King • Dan MacIsaac • Chrissy Manzella • Matt Merten • Brian Moloney • Roy Spindel Session 1-2: K-4 MCAS Next Gen TrainingFULL CloughAmanda Farley • Katie Jordan Session 1-4: 1st Grade Inspire Science/Mystery ScienceLIMITED CloughMary Barrows • Jennifer Hall • Lauren Poxon • Kristine Thibault Session 1-4: 5th Grade Go Math Curriculum DevelopmentLIMITED MiscoeJaci Jarvis • Allison Woodworth Session 1-4: Art Curriculum AlignmentLIMITED MiscoeKevin Campbell • Alison Clish • Jess Fowler • Alice Gentili • Chelsea Greene • Jonathan Hansen Session 1-4: Grade 3 Specialized Design Instruction-ELA-MemorialLIMITED MemorialAmy Henderson • Olivia Hendricks • Kim Lopes • Jan Maglione • Brenda Webster Session 1-4: Maker Space and Math WebinarLIMITED CloughKristen Berthao • Marie Brigham • Linda Cote • Josie Ronnquist Session 1-4: Realigning Algebra 1, 2 and Geometry to Common Core/Revising Atlas Rubicon and HS/MS discussion (Session 2)LIMITED Nipmuc Room 314Amy Gilchrist Session 1-4: ELA Curriculum Work/20-Time Project Nipmuc Room 219Courtney Henry Session 1-4: HS ELA Critical Lenses Curriculum RevisionFULL Nipmuc Room 213Emma Hensler Session 1-4: HS ELA Curriculum RevisionsFULL Nipmuc Room 216Chris Evans Session 1-4: UN Sustainable Development GoalsLIMITED Nipmuc 335Dan MacIsaac

9:00am EST

10:25am EST

10:30am EST

Session 2: Workshop SeeSawLIMITED Nipmuc G317Allison White Session 2: Middle School Social Studies Vertical MeetingLIMITED MiscoeJimmy Charest • Brendon Rosenau Session 2: ELA Workshop The Modified Six-Part Oration EssayLIMITED Nipmuc Room 220Michael Clements Session 2: K-12 Workshop Executive Functioning Skills--Task, Time and Transition-oh MY! Nipmuc AuditoriumSarah Ward Session 2: Workshop Databases 101LIMITED Nipmuc G316Karen Arnold Session 2/3: Nurse Workshop Children's Hospital Diabetes UpdateLIMITED MiscoeChildren's Hospital Session 2 and Session 3/1st lunch: 8th Grade English CurriculumLIMITED MiscoeCarla Joyce • Paula Sheehan Session 2 and Session 4: Miscoe Counselors-CollaborationLIMITED Nipmuc Gathering RoomKathleen Allen • Victoria Beauregard • Jennifer Grant • Doug Johnson • Paul Marshall Session 2, Session 3/1st lunch, Session 4: K-4 RTI Program DevelopmentLIMITED MemorialKristen Poisson Session 2-4: 8th Grade Science Curriculum WorkLIMITED MiscoeAlex Conant • Laurie Holloway Session 2-4: Elementary Physical Education Curriculum Collaboration Clough/MemorialDan Hayes • Chrissy Horn Session 2-4: Independent-ELL ACCESS Cut Score ReviewLIMITED Clough/MemorialKelly Blain • Debby Coyle Session 2-4: Kindergarten Science Lessons that Meet Report Card StandardsLIMITED MemorialKristen Aube • Olga Grau • Janice Lizotte • Michele McDonald Session 2-4: Wellness Week PD Day PlanningLIMITED Nipmuc Counseling CenterKerry Fagan • Meredith Hefez • Kathy Larracey • Allison Towne Session 2, 4: Kindergarten Science Curriculum PlanningLIMITED CloughRebecca Hardin • Heather Marques • Becky Pilkington Session 2-4: 1st Grade Science/Go Math MemorialLIMITED MemorialRenee Luzzetti Session 2-4: 2nd Grade Go Math and Science MemorialKatie Cardamone • Erika Ferrucci • Katie Nieviera • Kathleen Perry Session 2-4: Grade 2 Science and Social Studies Unit Collaboration CloughMargarita Mojica • Maureen O'Neil • Lauren St. Pierre • Melissa Wood Session 2-4: Inclusion Special Educator ForumLIMITED MemorialErika Ferrucci • Leah Hagen • Jennifer Hall Session 2, Session 3/2nd lunch, Session 4: HS ELA Reimagining Existing Writing Units for a Broader AudienceFULL Nipmuc Room 218Melisa Kinkela Session 2-4: MCAS Alt PortfoliosLIMITED MiscoeMarabeth Ishler Session 2-4: MCAS Alternate planning/constructionFULL CloughLise Smith Session 2-4: Paraprofessional Training-Supporting all Students in an Inclusive Setting Nipmuc PDCDina Traniello Session 2, Session 3/2nd lunch, Session 4: K-5 GO time with GO MathLIMITED MiscoeLauren Lajoie

11:40am EST

Session 3 and 1st Lunch: Math 5-8 Best PracticesLIMITED Miscoe 431Liz Kadra Session 3 and 2nd Lunch: 11:40-12:45 Session 3/12:45-1:15 Lunch Nipmuc Cafeteria Session 3 and 2nd Lunch: MS Discussion-How can we improve the Miscoe Hill Inclusion Model?LIMITED Nipmuc Gathering RoomBob Clark • Betsy Lambert Session 3 and 1st Lunch: 11:40-12:10 Lunch/ Session 3 12:10-1:15 Nipmuc Cafeteria Session 3 and 2nd Lunch: Workshop-Using Doctopus and Goobrics to Simplify Assessment using the 21st Century Learning Expectations Rubrics (or any rubric) Nipmuc Room 238Mary Anne Moran • David Quinn Session 3 and 1st lunch/Session 4: 4th Grade Go Math MemorialAllison White Session 3-4: 6th Grade Digitizing a Pre/Post TestLIMITED MiscoeSteven Brinker • Michael Eagan • Heather McCourt Session 3-4: HS History-Atlas Rubicon Stage 2 Nipmuc Room 339Andy King • Dan MacIsaac • Chrissy Manzella • Matt Merten • Brian Moloney • Roy Spindel Session 3-4: K-4 Technology CurriculumLIMITED Clough/MemorialKati Dunton • Katie Jordan Session 3/2nd lunch, Session 4: MS ELA MCAS 2017 UnpackingLIMITED MiscoeLori Monterotti • Marney Welch Session 3/2nd lunch-Session 4: Supplemental ReadingLIMITED MiscoeJulie Stanas • Carol Sullivan Session 3-4: 3rd Grade Science-Animal Unit CloughKami Ellis • Cathy Hack • Amy Naples • Esther Willinski Session 3-4: MS/HS Science Vertical Alignment Nipmuc Room 122Jen Field Session 3/2nd lunch-Session 4: Google as a Classroom Tool for LearningFULL CloughAmanda Farley Session 3 and 1st Lunch and Session 4: CPR Nipmuc GymSara Higgins

11:45am EST

1:20pm EST

1:30pm EST

2:25pm EST

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